Membership Information 

So you want to play in the Band? What should you expect? What is this all about? Please take a little time to read the following information and if you have any questions just ask and we will do our best to answer them! Most importantly HAVE FUN and know that your attendance is greatly appreciated, not to mention IMPORTANT! 


The RCB board reaffirms that membership in the RCB is open to all members of the public with prior playing experience, at least at the high school level and there is no audition requirement.

New members of the RCB must attend at least 6 rehearsals prior to participating in an RCB concert. All or part of the six rehearsal requirement may be waived by the Music Director, in consultation with the relevant section.

Further, in the interest of maintaining proper musical balance, or in the case of limited space at a given venue, the Music Director may from time to time request a reduction in the size of an individual section or the ensemble as a whole. The Music Director may consult with the relevant section(s) when making his or her decision. No individual will be asked to miss two consecutive concerts.

Please fill out the Membership Information Sheet and bring with you to a rehearsal. Include any necessary information so that we may communicate properly and in a timely manner. All information is confidential and will not be given out without permission.

Band Rosters

Rosters are updated on a continuous basis and provided via email and hardcopy as requested. If you would like your information excluded from the roster, please inform our Secretary. Your information will be kept in a separate roster available only to the Board.

Where Do I Go For?

Members-At-Large are your liaisons to the RCB Board. Compliments, complaints, and suggestions should be directed to these individuals for the Board's consideration. Concert & Publicity ideas should be directed to the Concert Manager. The board President is also available to discuss your thoughts.

Band Rosters


Band rehearsals are from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Monday evenings at the Reynoldsburg Baldwin Road Junior High School. There is a lot of playing and a wide variety of music. The Band may also hold 'sectionals' (breakdown into small groups to practice) as necessary. Please practice at home as needed.


If you are unable to attend a practice or performance, please let your section leader or the director know so that we can get your music and locate a sub for concerts, if necessary.


If time permits, email and/or telephone notices will be made.

Concert Attire

Summer uniform is white RCB polo shirt and black pants, capris, or shorts. Most of us wear black shorts at outdoor summer concerts. The white polo shirt has our very own logo embroidered on the left chest. The shirts, from Ohio Select Imprinted Fabrics of Reynoldsburg, are priced at approximately $25. See Wayne Cummings for information on these shirts (including current pricing) or to place your order. Winter uniform is a white shirt with tie and black pants for men, and white or black top and black pants or skirt for women.


Music Folders

Music folders are maintained by the Librarian. You may keep the music with you for as long as you wish, but we ask that you turn your folder in if you will be gone for an extended period of time (or for a concert) so that your part can be covered by another member.

Music Selection

Our Director, Aaron Jackson, monitors new releases at Stanton's Sheet Music. As he comes across arrangements which he feels would be a good fit for the RCB, he will ask the band's opinion and he and the Board will decide whether or not to purchase the music. The band also has access to a vast library of music through various other music ensembles and the RCB has permission to borrow this music from time to time. In addition, music surveys are occasionally passed out to the band membership. The surveys ask for the type(s) of music members prefer to play as well as opinions on our current selections. Finally, Aaron is ALWAYS available to discuss music selection with any band member.

Board Members

President - Lisa Waickman

Vice President - David Moose

Treasurer - Dan Eck

Secretary - Jill Snyder

Publicity - Dawn Williams

Concert Manager - Joe Cooper

Librarian - James Delius

Members at Large - Carol Foor

Members at Large - Susie Williams

PROMOTE THE RCB!!!!!! To continue to grow our organization's active membership, we need everyone's help. The best way to accomplish this is usually simple word-of-mouth. As a reminder, musicians do NOT have to be Reynoldsburg residents to participate in the RCB.
Well, if the reason you joined this band is to meet new people, to just play your instrument, to share with others your love for music or to relax and get away from a long day .............. YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

RCB Board Members